Managed Monitoring Services

Managed  network operations centre (NOC)

Cyber83 NOC service, increases network visibility into outages and downtime, holding service providers accountable to their SLA’s. Tailored solutions available for any type of monitoring. 

Cloud Services monitoring
QoS monitoring
Bandwidth monitoring
Environmental monitoring
Application monitoring
Web page monitoring
OSPF / BGP monitoring
SNMP monitoring
Virtual Paths monitoring
Uptime monitoring
Line monitoring
Interbranch connectivity monitoring
Hardware monitoring

Managed security operations centre (SOC)

Cyber83 manages your SIEM solution, providing valuable insights into your organisations threats and risks. Providing you with the awareness of what is really happening in your organisation.

Asset and vulnerability discovery
Intrusion detection (NIDS/HIDS/IPS/IDS/HIPS) 
User behaviour analytics
Event correlation
Endpoint detection and response
Active threat intelligence
Active threat hunting