Managed Cybersecurity Services

Designed to assist companies by removing the burden and anxiety of cyberthreats, ensuring their cybersecurity solutions or services are managed correctly, efficiently and to the proper standards.

Managed Next Gen Firewall

Cyber83 managed firewall services are completely tailored to the customers requirements, depending on the size of the customer and value they require.

VPN solutions
IPS/IDS protection
Email protection and filtering
Web proxy
Application control filtering
Firewall options: Hardware, virtualized, software or cloud based 

DLP Protection
WAF (Webserver protection)
Wireless Configuration

Managed NextGen Antivirus

Cyber83 manages the Antivirus software on servers, endpoints and mobile devices.

Endpoint Firewall 
Malware/Spyware mitigation
Endpoint web Filtering
DLP (Data Leakage Protection)
EDR (Incident detection and response)
Exploit prevention
Device control (USB & mobile devices)
Endpoint isolation 
Root cause analysis 
Cloud and On-Premise solutions available

Managed  Encryption

Cyber83 manages your organisations encryption, allowing secure key recoveries and peace of mind that data is never stolen or lost due to carelessness or theft .

File encryption
Bit locker management
MacOS file vault management
Full disk encryption
Multi platform encrypted sharing (IOS, Windows, android)
Email encryption
Compliance reporting

Managed Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Cyber83 manages your organisations privileged accounts, by monitoring and restricting access to infrastructure, software and identity theft through effective password management and audit trails.

Password manager
Secure Vault
Automatic password changing
Password complexity enforcement
Scalable password distribution
Privileged account discovery
Password discovery
Behaviour analytics
Approval workflows integration
Session monitoring & recording
Keystroke logging
Compliance reporting

Managed Patch Management

Cyber83 manages your organisations patch Tuesday process, but we don’t stop there, we take care of third party apps, pinpoint vulnerabilities and lock down your software versions.

WSUS Patch management
SCCM Patch management
3rd Party patch management
Pinpoint vulnerabilities 
Receive real-time alerting 
Prioritize patching efforts

Managed Secure Networks

Cyber83 manages your network security, we don’t build to only connect, we build from the ground up with security, productivity and redundancy being our core focus points.

Secure interbranch connectivity
SD-WAN redundancy and optimisation
Secure cloud links to Azure and AWS
Broadband fibre connectivity
Secure Wireless networks
Wireless hotspots
VoIP services
DMZ network segmentation
DNS proxy services

Managed  Vulnerability Scanning

Cyber83 manages your vulnerabilities providing a trend graph showing the progress of our efforts in mitigating your organisations vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scanning
Compliance and configuration assessment
Integration with cloud and on-premise 
Targeted vulnerability remediation
Risk score reporting
Adaptive scanning
Threat trend graphing

Managed SIEM

Cyber83 manages your SIEM solution, providing valuable insights into your organisations threats and risks.  With the awareness and knowledge of what is really happening in your organisation.

User Behaviour Analytics
Attacker Behaviour Analytics
Endpoint Detection and visibility
Centralized Log Management
Visual Investigation timeline
Deception Technology
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
Honey files
Compliance assistance

Managed Mail

Cyber83 manages your mail, from licensing, migrations to o365, mail filtering, spoof protection and much more.

Mail filtering
Mail Archiving
O365 licensing
O365 Migrations Mail encryption