About us

At Cyber83, we strive to provide enterprise cyber security solutions to our customers,
however, the best solutions mean nothing without competent and efficient security
professionals deploying, maintaining and managing it.

Cyber83 believe in a tailored approach designed to your organisation’s specific needs.
Cyber Security shouldn't be a productivity hindrance but rather a synergy allowing
you to be productive knowing that your data, networks, organisation, and people 
are secure.

“Pricing and product might be matched, but a strong customer service culture can't
be copied” 
 - Jerry Fritz

Cyber83 Services 

Cyber Consultancy

CIS Benchmarks
CIS Consultancy
Software Development

Managed Cybersecurity Services

NextGen Firewalls  
Email Filtering
NextGen Anti-virus  Encryption
Privileged Access 
Secure Networks
Vulnerability Scanning
Patch Management

Managed Monitoring Services

 Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Cybersecurity Services

Penetration Testing
Compliance Assistance
Social Engineering
Security Awareness Training

Professional Services

Deployment Services
 Health Assessments
Maintenance Services
Custom Services

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